How to cut bangs yourself when you can't go to your hairdresser ...

Let's face it how many times have we been tempted to cut our fringe on our own?
By following a few simple rules and with the right tools we too can easily give a shape and a refresh to our cut. But let's remember to proceed without haste because once we have cut our hair there is no going back.
What should we use? First of all, a scissors (possibly from our Hairdressing Scissors - Expert - Shank - Flat Shank line) and a fine-toothed comb. For an optimal shape it is better to prefer a professional scissors (Hairdresser Scissors - Suprema Line - Knurled Screw) which will guarantee us a decisive and precise cut while kitchen or DIY scissors are not recommended.
At this point start to understand the shape you want to give your bangs and divide your hair into small strands.
Start by tilting your head back slightly. This way your cut will look more natural in a relaxed position.
Do not rush. Few simple cuts and NEVER decisive. Two intermediate cuts are better than a single irremediable cut. It is one thing to shorten a too long fringe by a few millimeters, another is to cut the fringe from scratch or change the style of the cut: for this, wait for the hairdresser.
Good cut.