News in the world of scissors: EVOLUTION RING LOCK SYSTEM LINE


A line of professional scissors with patented technology, special AISI 420 steel, ergonomics and lightness: the best of Premax for our friends all over the world.Thanks to Premax, an innovative cutting system is born. A perfect mix of technology and design.

The Evolution Line comes into the world for Christmas 2019!

Extremely precise knife-edge blades in Aisi 420 stainless steel, handle covered in soft-touch nylon rubber for a soft and safe grip, ring lock system (or torx screw) to maintain a perfect blade alignment.

Don't call them just scissors, but “EVOLUTION - LINE”.

The EVOLUTION line consists of eight models, ranging from 6 and 7 inch lengths, suitable for all uses, up to 8 and 9 inch “wiss” scissors particularly recommended for the tailoring field.

The world of work, sewing and tailoring scissors has a new way of cutting with precision: EVOLUTION by Premax!