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Points Rewards

  1. Points can be collected only by registered users (therefore, it is recommended to register when purchasing and not to end as a guest)

  2. Points are collected on the basis of the final amount paid in the cart, net of discounts and promotions (excluding any shipping costs)

  3. Points can also be collected directly on a product promoted by Premaxshop

  4. You collect 10 points on every euro of purchase, and 100 points are worth 1 € of discount

  5. Points don't expire, at least until Premaxshop doesn't determine them and communicate it on the website

  6. Points are expendable from the following purchase and are turned into discounts on the purchased products

  7. In certain periods, chosen by Premaxshop, the value of the points can be increased

  8. Points are not usable in presence of coupon