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Consorzio Premax

Our story lies in our strength and in the passion for our work which has been transformed into a philosophy of life. This story has been passed down through traditions and family stories, by men and women who have dedicated their lives and efforts to the growth and development of their town. With brilliant ideals and lots of hard work, the first miners extracted the metal, cast it, forged it, worked it to make tools, scissors, knives and everything needed to survive in the 1700s. This led to the “invention” of a trade that, in more than three centuries, has made Premana a symbol of the manufacturing of cutting instruments.

Our history has become our future, and we, the great grandchildren, can only say that we are proud of continuing this great life story, which has now become our future. Our ancestors with their sacrifices have given us a rewarding and successful existence. We have not forgotten our traditions, or the value of our products and we are full of the pride coming from more than 300 years of high quality production. With the same care as then, but with the help of modern technology, we continue together along the same path. A path that, since 1700, has made us an icon, first local, then worldwide, in the manufacturing of cutting instruments and tools.

The Consorzio Premax includes about fifty companies, with more than 300 employees, specialised in the manufacturing of scissors, shears, knives and other cutting items. Founded in 1974, it is responsible for the study, design, promotion and sale of products made in Premana worldwide. The long experience, high specialisation of the staff, continuous research of the best materials, combined with the local production of machineries designed specifically for the manufacture of cutting instruments, allow us to offer a wide range of high quality products. Accurate controls carried out during the production and final tests carried out by highly qualified personnel guarantee an excellent product.


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